February 20, 2017

Realtor Rescue How We Can Help in a Junk Disaster

Every realtor has walked into this nightmare: you show up to a property to find the old tenants have left the place a mess. While we know you’re capable of taking care of this yourself, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t, and several ways we can help. Here’s how:

We save time. For you, time is money. Hauling away junk is our specialty for a reason we’ve got the tools and resources to get it done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend your time doing your job, not cleaning up someone else’s messes.

We’re safe. Our professionals are trained in removing large appliances and furniture, without risk of injury or damage to the property.

We don’t just focus on the big stuff. Mattresses, dog houses, chain link fences, playgrounds from big to small, indoors and outdoors, we can remove anything, from anywhere.

We keep it green. We know exactly what can be recycled and how to do it. We donate
anything that can be reused and recycle the rest, including appliances, furniture, hot tubs, and organic yard waste.

Our pricing is simple. Our junk calculator gives you a straightforward price up front no
sneaky hidden fees or changes in cost. With us, transparency and consistency are key.

We have an eye for property clean up. We’re trained for this kind of stuff. Our movers might even spot something that you missed or didn’t think could be removed. It’s always helpful to have a second pair of eyes onsite, as well as an extra set of hands.

Regardless of the size or scope of the mess you’re dealing with, remember that Junk Rescue is here to help and we’re not afraid to get down and dirty!

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Junk Rescue