January 19, 2019

Scottsdale Junk Removal

Did you know that the city of Scottsdale is considered one of the earliest innovators in the junk and trash removal industry?  Incorporated in 1110*1, by 1964 the city had formed a “Refuse Division” and began providing municipal refuse collection to its residence.  Of course, collection methods at that time were completely by hand, alley to alley.   That all changed when in 1969 Scottsdale was awarded a Federal grant that paved the way to the age of mechanized refuse junk and rubbish collection.  The “barrel snatcher” also referred to as “Godzilla” was invented by George Morrison and drawn by Marc Stragier and was the prototype for ongoing modernization and evolution into what we currently recognize as “garbage trucks”.

In the ongoing spirit of innovation to help make the removal of junk more convenient to the residents of Scottsdale, Junk Rescue is consistently doing its part to improve pickup service and environmentally safe rubbish disposal.  On the service side, we have made it easier than ever for the Scottsdale community to schedule a quick junk pick up.  Our online scheduler allows you to pick a day and time of your Scottsdale junk removal.  And if you prefer to talk with somebody first you can call us and actually speak with a real person, not a series of automated recorded messages and prompts (one of the technology innovations that didn’t turn out so great). When we arrive, we will come into your backyard, garage or house to haul your items away – you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our trucks are state-of-the-art and our disposal process is as “green” as it gets.  Depending on your materials, we will find a safe place to put them, often times having to make 2 or 3 stops to properly dispose of everything.  Our crews are top notch vetted professionals.

So now you know the history of Scottsdale junk removal.  One more reason to be proud to live in Scottsdale just as we are proud to be providing junk, trash, construction waste,  appliance, furniture, playground equipment, carpet, tile and every other type of junk and debris pick up and removal to our Scottsdale clients!

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Junk Rescue