What’s My Load Size

Junk Rescue charges based on how much junk fills the truck... use our guide below to help determine what load size you might be.

Junk Removal Sizing

Our Trucks have a maximum capacity of approximately 480 cubic feet which would be considered a Full Load or comparable to what 6 pick up trucks can fit.


Single Items

*Starting at $135

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Quarter Load

3ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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Half Load

6ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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Full Load

12ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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Single Item

Any item that stands by itself. Some of our most common single items are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Mattress
  • Loveseat Couch
  • TV
  • Treadmill
  • Dresser


1/4 Truckload

This compares to what you could fit in the back of a standard pick up truck, if it had 4 foot sides. A common 1/4 load would consist of a combination of these items.

  • Mattress / Box Spring / Bed Frame
  • Refrigerator / Stove / Microwave / Dishwasher
  • Sectional Sofa
  • Loveseat Couch / Chair / Coffee Table


1/2 Truckload

Forget about a pick up truck its time for a Junk Truck. A 1/2 Load holds 240 cubic feet of junk which is more than the standard truck can handle. A common 1/2 load consist of a combination of these items:

  • Two Mattresses / Two Box Springs / Loveseat Couch
  • Cardboard Boxes / Wrapping Paper / 10-12 Trash Bags
  • Patio Set / Plastic Outdoor Storage Chest / Shed Items
  • Two Desks / Two Chairs / Two Filing Cabinets / Small Accessories


Full Truckload

When you decide its time to clean out the garage or refurnish the house you might look into scheduling a Full Load. A common Full Load consist of a combination of these items.

  • Construction Debris Clean Up
  • Entire Garage Clean Out
  • Backyard Clean Up
  • Commercial Clean Outs
  • Rental Property Clean Ups
  • Real Estate Move In / Move Out


Other things to consider when using Junk Rescue

Disassembly: We frequently provide complimentary disassembly on items that can be easily taken apart. However, there are some items where complex disassembly may incur additional charges or that we are unable to do. For liability reasons if you have any items that have water, gas or (wired) electrical connections we may not be able to assist with disconnection. Please disconnect or hire a professional to disconnect these types of items prior to scheduling a pickup.

Weight: We will not charge extra to haul away heavier items.*

Dimension: Our crew is very experienced and extremely good at packing our junk trucks. Rest assured that we will load your items in a manner that will be most efficient and will use the least amount of space as possible in our truck, thus saving YOU money.

What Our Clients Say

These Junkers did an amazing job removing tile and a wall in our house. They were fast yet precise and clean. I would use them again! I just need to get my husband on board with another project. ;) Thanks guys!! The BEST!

Ofa M. Weaver


Highly recommend Junk Rescue! Kyle and his crew are very personable and professional. Kyle timely responded to a request for a quote to remove a spa, sent a reminder text the day before, and arrived on time.

Scott Allen


I’ve met Kyle a few times and never got a chance to work with him and his crew until now. Clean cut, responsive and very thorough! Cleaning up other peoples messes and or junk isn’t my idea of fun but watching these guys they make it look like it’s the greatest job on earth!! Their positive attitudes towards getting the job done is second to none.

JJ Maes


After a move, the last thing I wanted to tackle was the break down of all the boxes. Junk Rescue AZ and Clinton responded quickly, offered competitive rates and arrived on time. In 15 minutes my garage was empty and the tower of boxes was gone. I will use them again.

Jenn Armbruster


Junk Rescue, what can I say. They keep my junk away so I can keep my mind at ease. Their service is very professional and the customer service is second too none. I will always highly recommend JR.

Cole B.


Junk Rescue was professional and the service was fast. I called and needed to have a refrigerator removed in less than 24 hours. They were on it! I would recommend to anyone. Courteous, punctual and took care of my removal with no issues.

Karen McMahon


With clients all over the Valley, some have challenges with removal items. The guys at junk rescue were all over this job! The area was left spotless, they were communicative, on time and professional. Our needs were met and expectations were exceeded.

Flesher Home & Away Realty


Thank you Kyle for your top notch service! You helped clean out my mom's home after she passed away last year and recently came out to my sister's place to remove some large cabinets in a home she just purchased. Above and beyond appreciative of the extra effort!

Terri W.


So happy I went with Junk Rescue to remove my old living room furniture. I was able to schedule a pick up via text, they sent a reminder the morning of pick up and were even able to come earlier than expected, which worked out great for me!

Adriana Smith


Kyle responded on a Sunday afternoon. Dumpster dropped Monday morning, on time and courteous. We were done a few hours later and it was removed. Super easy to communicate with. Dumpster was clean and ready to use. Price was less than I was bid from other similar companies.

Lauren P


Very reputable company that got the work done in a timely manner. I scheduled my load online and they came out the next day to remove it all. Would recommend their services to my friends and family. A++

Zachary Zinn

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