Spa and Hot Tub Removal Services in Phoenix, AZ

Do you have an old hot tub, jacuzzi, spa? Whatever you call it, if you want to get rid of it call the pros at Junk Rescue.

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4 seats or less

$500 Flat Rate

5 seats or more

$600 Flate Rate



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    Steps to remove hot tub

    We pride ourselves on our hassle-free pricing and our uncompromising commitment to service

    Disconnect/terminate electrical to spa

    Demo and load hot tub

    Clean up and haul away spa

    Phoenix Spa, Hot Tub & Jacuzzi Removal

    How much does it cost to remove a hot tub in AZ?

    Our flat rate pricing to demo and haul away an above ground spa, hot tub, or Jacuzzi is simple and easy.  It includes all the steps from start to finish including draining the spa and terminating the electrical connections.  If your hot tub has 5 seats or less, the cost is $500.  If your hot tub has 6 seats or more, then the hot tub removal service is $600.  This includes the complete removal of the spa or hot tub shell and cabinet.  Some spas have a built in surround usually constructed out of block or steel studs.  This is not part of the spa pricing, but don’t worry.  We can remove the spa surround while we are removing the Jacuzzi.  Since all hot tub surrounds are custom built on-site we cannot give you an exact cost without actually seeing the job.  As an experienced spa removal company in AZ, we can tell you that most spa surround removals range from $200-$600.  If your hot tub is sunken below grade, you are also in luck!  We can handle this type of removal also.  You can call, email, or use our text a photo option to get an exact estimate for the spa demo.  If you happen to have a very large spa or swim spa we can still get the job done.  We haul it all!

    What to Expect during the Spa Removal

    We do our best to make the hot tub demo and removal as painless as possible, but there are a few things to be aware of during this process.  If your spa has water in it when we arrive, then we will have to pump out the water to a spot on your property or into the sewer clean out.  Although we keep any noise as minimal as we can, power tools are used so some noise will be produced.  Our spa removal crew will occupy your space for 1-2 hours in most cases.  Your gates will be open during the loading of your spa so be sure to keep your pets contained.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you disconnect the electrical to the spa?

    YES! We offer the most complete hot tub removal service in Phoenix, AZ. We disconnect and terminate the electrical to the spa as part of our standard Jacuzzi and spa removal process.

    What is the cost to take out a spa or hot tub?

    In most cases the cost would be $500 or $600 to remove the hot tub depending on the size. See our section “How Much does it cost to remove a hot tub in AZ?” for more info.

    Can you remove my spa and haul away junk at the same time?

    Absolutely. We have the largest junk removal set up in AZ so we can come equipped to remove over 1000 cubic feet of junk at one time.

    How long does it take for you to remove my old spa or hot tub?

    In most cases our hot tub removal service can be completed in 1-2 hours.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    We accept Visa, Master Card, and Amex.

    Do I have to be home for my acrylic spa removal?

    No, you do not. As long as we know what we are removing and have access, we will remove the spa, send you photos when finished and we can take payment over the phone.

    Do you offer hot tub removal near me?

    Of Course! We service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and many other cities and zip codes in Arizona.

    Do you recycle the spa?

    Yes, we recycle everything we can. It is good for everybody and one of the ways we have the best junk removal prices in AZ.

    Jacuzzi, Spa, Hot Tub Demo & Removal - Phoenix, AZ

    We have the most complete and thorough hot tub removal service in Arizona.

    Drain hot tub

    As a professional junk removal company based in Phoenix, AZ, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to do a thorough removal.  The first part of the procedure is to drain the spa.  We have many sizes of pumps and can drain your hot tub quickly.  Most junk removal companies do not do this.

    Disconnect electrical

    We will disconnect and terminate the electrical to your hot tub.  As a licensed contractor with decades of construction experience we are the only hot tub and junk removal company capable of this service.  There is no additional charge and it is part of our standard hot tub demo and removal service.

    Demo and removal

    Junk Rescue has the skills and experience necessary to remove any spa, Jacuzzi, hot tub, or swim spa.  Occasionally we can remove a small acrylic spa in one piece, but in most cases we must disassemble or demo the spa to facilitate safe handling.


    After the removal process is complete, we thoroughly clean the area and remove all debris from the demolition.

    Hot tub removal service areas

    We service many areas in Arizona including the areas below:

    • Phoenix
    • Cave Creek
    • Carefree
    • Paradise Valley
    • Scottsdale
    • Peoria
    • Glendale


    Types of hot tubs we remove:

    • Small and large acrylic spa
    • Hot tubs
    • Jacuzzi
    • Swim spas
    • Spa covers
    • Pergolas
    • Ramadas
    • Gazebos


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