March 2, 2021

3 Spring Cleaning Tips

As March begins, you might get the itch to start a deep spring cleaning in your house. This is the perfect time to clean and organize all the little nooks and crannies you miss during the rest of the year (Or those that you choose to ignore during the rest of the year). So here a few tips to help you get your house sparkling clean.

1. Clean in Categories

It can be overwhelming when you start to clean your whole house. An easy way to avoid this overwhelming feeling is to pick one category that you would like to clean. Such as clothes, paper products, trash, and food products.

2. Where to Clean

When you embark on a deep cleaning journey in your house you might find yourself wondering where to start. Here are a few places that you might normally miss.

Windows: You have probably cleaned the inside of your windows, but the outside of your windows has also accumulated smudges and streaks that you can wipe off.

Appliances: You might not always think about cleaning your kitchen appliances, but in order to keep them in perfect working order it’s good to routinely clean them. This includes appliances such as your toaster, coffee maker, kettle, or your fridge!

3. Garbage Bag for your Trash

All of the cleaning out and organizing can reveal a lot of junk you didn’t even know you had. But, what will you do with all of this junk and trash? It probably won’t all fit in your trash can, and if you spread it out over weeks of trash can pickups, the junk and trash will have to rest in your house until then. Unless you buy a dumpster bag!

A dumpster bag is the perfect size for a thorough cleaning of all parts of the house! It is big enough to haul away junk from your kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, basement, and more, but it is still a reasonable size that can be folded and tucked away in a closet, garage, or shed until you are ready to use it.

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