February 2, 2021

3 Reasons to Leave Bathroom Demolition & Removal to the Pros

To make room for the new you must get rid of the old. Wow this phrase can be applicable to many things in life, today we are specifically talking about your bathroom. Whether your bathroom is outdated, not working well for you anymore, or are you are just ready for an upgrade, a bathroom renovation can transform your space. Bathroom renovations are popular because they can change your existing bathroom into a spa-like oasis that is uniquely designed with your needs and wants in mind. But, for you to bring in the new components of your bathroom, you must demolish, remove, and haul away everything that was in your old bathroom. Bathroom demolition and removal is no simple task, and plainly put, the average homeowner is not up to the job. To safely, effectively, inefficiently demolish a bathroom requires tools and experience that the average homeowner just doesn’t have. While we understand the temptation to complete the demolition yourself and save some money, there are three primary reasons you should leave it to the professionals.

  • Bathroom demolition and removal is dangerous.  Even if you are an experienced DIY weekend warrior, there are things like electrical and plumbing that must be safely managed during the demolition. Additionally, the average homeowner probably doesn’t have the right tools or equipment to safely complete the demolition.
  • Bathroom demolition and removal is time-consuming. Because of the average homeowner doesn’t have the right tools or experience in bathroom demolition, process tends to be time-consuming. What would take a professionally a short amount of time will likely take you much longer.
  • You have to load and haul away all debris from the removal yourself. When you do it yourself, after you’ve completed the hard work of demolition you are still not done. You are responsible for finding a way to lift heavy and awkward objects load them into a truck trailer or dumpster and eventually haul them away and dispose of them

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