August 10, 2021

Removing a Pool Table? Just Call a Pro!

You know that pool table you once loved and used regularly that is now being used as a table to store stuff on or taking up a huge amount of space you could be otherwise using? Yeah, it’s time to get rid of that thing. But, how? Pool tables are extremely heavy, complicated to disassemble, and even if you get that far, what do you do with all the big bulky pieces? If you have wondered about any or all of these things, do not worry, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in the exact same position on a regular basis. The best answer to most of these questions – hire a professional to take apart and remove your pool table for you.

Whether you have a three-piece slate billiards table or a wood pool table, a professional will have the right tools to get the job done right the first time.  And, because pool tables are so heavy, a professional will know the right way to protect your floors, walls, and other interiors from damage during disassembly and removal.

Additionally, a professional pool table removal company will find the best disposal solution for your table which may include donating or recycling if possible or disposal in a landfill.


Don’t try to take on such a complicated task on your own, it will be incredibly time-consuming and potentially dangerous without the right tools, equipment, and adequate strength necessary to remove such a big and heavy item. Hire a professional to get the job done quickly and safely so that you no longer have that unwanted pool table taking up space.

How to remove pool tables?

 Disconnect liners

People should mind taking precautionary steps while disassembling the pool table. They should wear safety goggles to protect their eyes and other safety gear before it causes any potential accidents. There are other risks of injuries as well. Hence, it is best to hire professional removal services. They wear the right safety gear and follow all precautionary measures. Next, remove old staples and screws that secure the pool table. Use a flat-head screwdriver or staple removers for this process. Once all the screws are unfastened from the structure, release pocket tacks and push down the apron. Repeat the same process for all six pockets without causing any damage.

Rail bolts

After all pocket liners are removed, people can move on to rail blots. People can use socket wrench attachments by laying underneath the table. A typical pool table rail will have three bolts. Therefore, each pocket will have a combined of 18 rail bolts. However, one should remove apron bolts. Make sure to label all the bolts accordingly. For older slate tables, it has rails attached in two different places. Hence, use a forked tool to remove all the slate tables and bolts. The forked tool can be found in local pool table supply stores nearby.

Corner miters

Lift the rail system after removing all the blots from the table. This step will require the help of another individual. Once lifted, flip the table over and lay it on backside. There will be corner casting brackets on each corner of the table. It can be removed using a flat-head drill bit. This tool will help to remove all the screws and brackets from the rail system. Remove the accessories from its little corners. Place a third plastic bad on the frame and label each connector to avoid any inconveniences in later stages.

Apron removal

A pool table will have four apron pieces attached to the rail system. One should unscrew the apron blots and keep them while removing the final pin. This step helps to maintain the control of each piece and avoid any risks of falling over. People need safety gear for better protection from accidental slip falls. Next, wrap each apron section in folds and protect them if there are no damages. Once can secure these blankets by wrapping them on either end. The plastic wrap will not be saved from damages. However, that is not the case for old pool tables.

Frame disassembly

As the last step, flip the table over and unbolt screws from each leg. Use the necessary hardware and secure warps in plastic bags. They need to hire professional removal services, especially if the pool table is damaged extensively. Professionals will help to avoid any safety hazards.

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