December 13, 2021

3 FAQ About Junk Removal

We all have some unwanted items and junk stored somewhere in our homes. And, if you are doing some home renovation, you may have a lot! But, no matter how much you have, how big the items are, or when you need the items removed, our junk removal services can get the job done for you so you have more room for decor, storage, or renovation. Most homeowners don’t even realize that there are convenient junk removal services for hire and even if they are they probably have a few questions about the services. Below, we take a closer look at 3 frequently asked questions.

3 FAQ About Junk Removal

  1. When can my junk be removed?
    Whether you need your junk removed today or in two months, Junk Rescue is proud to offer convenient services for your schedule. In most cases, we can come to you to remove your junk the same day if needed. While we prefer you to be home when we pick up your items, we understand that it may not always be possible and we can accommodate special requests. Additionally, if you need a pickup that is outside of normal business hours, we can often accommodate such a request because when it comes to junk removal, our clients are our priority.
  2. Do you recycle?
    Not only is being eco-friendly important to us but we know it is important to our customers as well. While not everything can be recycled, we make every effort to salvage items and recycle/donate them whenever possible. Anything that cannot be recycled will go to the landfill, which we handle for you, but we do everything we can to minimize the amount we take to the landfill, making us a highly sustainable junk removal service.
  3. Can you remove and haul away anything I want?
    While we can remove, haul away, and recycle or dispose of almost anything, we are legally unable to remove and dispose of hazardous waste. Do not fret, all is not lost.  There are hazardous waste removal services that specialize in such projects and are able to do so legally.

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