December 4, 2017

Think Bagster is a Good Deal? Think Again.

Many people now are looking to Bagster as a junk removal option.  Before you do, read this article and you will learn why Bagster may not be the best option for you.

What is Bagster?  Bagster is a trash and waste removal option. You can buy the Bagster “bag” at most Home Depot or Lowes locations.  You place the bag on your curb and you fill it with the items that you would like hauled away. Once you have it filled, you call for the waste bag to be removed.

How much does Bagster cost?  The bag itself retails for approximately $30. The cost for having your bag removed from your property will depend on your location.  The average cost is $140.

Why You Need to Call Junk Rescue Instead of Using Bagster

Let’s look at the reasons why calling Junk Rescue is a much better option.

  1. When you use Bagster, YOU must haul all of your items to your curb and load the bag yourself. They will not assist in any manner. When you use Junk Rescue, we will help remove the items you need taken away from your home, garage or yard.  Hassle free junk removal.
  2. The Bagster bag only has a capacity of 2’6” H x 4’W x 8’ long. You are required to not exceed the height restrictions for the straps to connect and if you do, Bagster will not remove it. HOWEVER they will still bill you for a “trip charge”. Bagster also has a weight limit of 3,300 lbs.  At Junk Rescue, our trucks can haul away any of your items regardless of weight or dimension.
  3. With Bagster, there are restrictions on accessibility. Your bag must be placed in an area where the lift truck can reach it as well as have ample overhead clearance for the crane to lift and move the bag onto the truck. Junk Rescue will haul your items and load them into our easy access truck.
  4. From the Bagster website “Yard Waste is not accepted in all areas”. Junk Rescue will haul virtually anything and we haul your items to the appropriate recycling center.
  5. At Junk Rescue, our ¼ load haul fee is only $150 which allows for 5ft x 8ft x 3 ft of junk items. The average cost for Bagster including the bag is $170. More space, less money and we haul it away for you.
  6. Depending on where you are located, it could take Bagster up to 3 days from the time you place all of your items on the curb to the time it is picked up. With Junk Rescue you can use our scheduler to schedule a day and time and we will be there.  No letting trash sit outside for days waiting for us to come.

So instead of buying a bag, breaking your back loading it up and becoming frustrated with size, weight, time and other restrictions, call the professionals at Junk Rescue.

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