April 1, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Demolish Your Own Drywall

At first, demolishing drywall might seem like something you could do by yourself at home, but it can very quickly become a daunting and messy task. Plus, by attempting it yourself you run the high risk of not doing it properly and safely.

Removing drywall is nothing to scoff at. It takes time to remove drywall safely and with minimal mess. Valuable time that you could spend with your family, friends, or indulging in a new hobby!

Plus, you don’t want to risk improperly removing your home’s drywall or accidentally leaving pieces of drywall up that should have been removed. Why second guess yourself through a whole project on whether or not you are removing everything safely and properly when you could hire a professional who could also remove the drywall in an efficient and timely manner?

You might think to yourself, well if removing drywall can really be that difficult maybe I will just put another layer of drywall instead of removing and replacing it. This may sound like a great idea, but simply layer drywall can leave bad or water-damaged drywall up and hidden. And when drywall is removed completely it is the perfect time to inspect the interior wall or any damage, old wires, and even signs of termites. Double layering can also cause wiring and electrical outlets to not fit properly because there is more material to travel through. So, it is best to remove and replace old drywall rather than cover it up.

Drywall removal can also be very messy. Once demolition begins on drywall it begins to release a lot of dust and can easily break or fall apart. This means that there would be lots of clean-up, but if you hire a professional, then no worries about cleaning up! All of the demolishing and clean-up would be taken care of in a safe and efficient manner.

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