November 10, 2021

The Importance of Cardboard Recycling Near Phoenix

In current society, the majority of individuals use cardboard for their day-to-day use. Every year, nearly 70,000 tons of cardboard are thrown away. This number continues to grow every day because people enjoy the convenience of online shopping. The production of this cardboard also leads to deforestation. Hence, it is essential to recycle these cardboard boxes and reduce the impact on the environment. Many recycling companies can process these boxes for commercial reuse in the market. This practice also contributes to many environmental benefits.

What are the different types of cardboard? 



These are thick and layered boxes used to pack commercial products. People can find this corrugated box in most situations. Such cardboards are durable, as they last for a long time. It is also the most recycled item on the list because of its popularity in commercial use.


This is a thin cardboard box commonly used for non-frozen material packaging. Some of the chipboards include cereal boxes, gits, or toothpaste.

cereal boxes

This type of cardboard is also recyclable. But they are not common as other types of carboards. Hence, most recycling centers will not accept them.


The coated boxes include wax or plastic-lined cardboards.

The mixed materials used in these boxes prove ideal for liquids or frozen materials. Most common examples include juice boxes or ice-cream containers. These cardboard types will have a triangular recycling symbol that means they can be processed. People can also check online for more recycling instructions.

What is the importance of cardboard recycling? 

The most crucial benefit of recycling cardboard boxes is that they reduce municipal wastes by 40%. This practice helps to save space in landfills. One ton of cardboard load will require about 9 cubic yards of landfill space. Recycling makes sure that this space can be used for other necessities.

Cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. It means that they offer a green packaging option that also reduces the environmental footprint. This recycling practice provides a fundamental solution to resolve many environmental concerns. People get to preserve natural resources with the highest percentage of reuse.

Most cardboard boxes are used from wood chip materials for birch or pine trees. These pulps have the highest percentage of recyclable content. Hence, they promote the use of renewable materials. Most importantly, these trees can be grown in any environmental conditions. It can be managed or harvested in a sustainable condition.

Due to the high percentage of cardboard recycling, the energy required to manufacture corrugated products is significantly reduced. The saved energy can be used for other crucial purposes. Typically, recycling cardboard requires only about 75% of the energy and 90% less water than normal production.

Cardboard boxes come from trees. Recycling helps to reduce the number of trees cut down each year. The latest recycling technology also allows companies to reduce the consumption of materials gradually. This can become more beneficial for humans because they are making a positive impact on the environment by reducing deforestation.

What are the steps involved in cardboard recycling? 

The first step in cardboard recycling is the collection. Businesses collect the cardboard boxes from the premises and haul them to the facility. They also collect items from collection points like scrap yards, stores, or trash bins. Recyclers collection only specific types based on the use and manufactured type.

Once collected, they will sort the boxes according to the material type. In most cases, corrugated cardboard boxes are separated from other types of boxes. These boxes are thin and are easy to manufacture. Once sorted, the materials are graded based on the quality.

After sorting is finished, the next step involves shredding. This step involves breaking down the cardboard fibers and shredding them into pieces. The boxes are also mixed with water and chemicals to turn them into a slurry substance. This process is termed pulping that helps to solidify the boxes.

The pulp material is taken into a filtering process to remove all unwanted particles. It may include strings, tapes, or glues. The pulp then goes into a container for removing metal staplers. Once finished, the de-inking process helps to separate any dye chemicals from the pulp material.

The concluding steps involve finishing the material for reuse. Technicians will load the materials into the conveyor belt and heat them with cylindrical surfaces. The pulp also passes through an automated machine to remove excess water. The final boards are taped together and folded into the required pattern for reusing in packaging or transportation industries.

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