November 9, 2021

Six Tips to Make Your Community Environment Friendly

Environmentally conscious is a set of choices that will make positive changes in the ecosystem. It will even determine the success and failure of a particular species on this planet. Hence, humans should be more conscious about reducing pollution. Conserving natural resources and protecting wildlife will help to reduce the rate of climate change. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, every person can make a difference. They have to make environmental choices by doing the right thing. Their choice will shape the future of life on earth and contribute to a healthier life.

1. Recycling 


The most important step in making a community environmentally friendly is recycling. This practice helps to preserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Recycling involves processing glass, paper, and metals and making them appropriate for aftermarket use. Studies show that recycling metals are more efficient than producing new metals from raw materials. It helps to conserve energy and reduce the production of wastes. Each industry can save billion worth of aluminum materials by recycling waste products.

How to recycle properly 

First, it is essential to avoid using any plastic bags. The microplastics in the grocery bags will dissolve into potentially dangerous elements that may hurt animals. Worse yet, it can even lead to life-threatening implications. Since these bags are technically recyclable, people should have them processed properly.

Next, people often forget about small things when they think about recycling. This includes credit cards, plastic cutlery, and paper clips. These tiny objects are essential for daily life, but they can also result in disastrous environmental outcomes. Having them processed is the best way to deal with such items and reduce their impact on the ecosystem.

Food wastes contaminate the entire recycling process. Studies show that food wastes account for up to 25% of landfill loads each year. Communities should advise their residents to stay clean and dry when they are dumping recyclable items on the garbage. Most importantly, food wastes will even attract small animals like rodents and rats that could further contaminate the recycling load.

Not all plastics are recyclable, and people should know that. Typically, rigid plastics labeled by codes 1 through 7 can be recycled. One key thing to remember is that the higher the number of resin codes, the less recyclable the material is. Therefore, always keep an eye on the code when dumping plastic for recycling.

2. Consumption 

Another way to make a community greener is by buying only the essentials. People should only purchase things that they are going to use at all times. Higher purchase rates of consumer goods will automatically result in high waste productions. This, directly and indirectly, affects the environment. The pollution exerted on natural resources will only deprive of the valuables.

3. Donate 

Another alternative to recycling is a donation. It makes a positive change by allowing people to reuse clothing, furniture, and appliances. There are many organizations like the Salvation Army and GoodWill that accept donations from people. Communities can also donate their items to local churches instead of dumping them.

4. Packaging 

The landfills are filled with consumer product packaging materials. Containers and cardboard boxes make up a significant portion of municipal waste. It includes polystyrene fillers, bubble wraps, and other packing items. There are many ways to avoid overflowing packaging items, including recycling and reuse.

5. Disposables 


Most consumer items are designed to last only for a short period of time. However, they make up to 20% of the total landfill wastes. Items like plastic plates, utensils, paper towels, and other non-durable junks pose a big problem for the recycling industry. They also pose great concern for the environment because of the greenhouse gas emission. People can avoid this by storing away a sufficient quantity of durable dishes and cutlery sets. They can prefer glasses for parties and other occasions. Cloth napkins and diapers are also effective alternatives for plastic disposables.

6. e-wastes 


Another great concern for the environment is the huge amount of discarded electronic devices. Better known as e-waste, there are million metric tons of them generated each year. It includes old computers, cell phones, printers, and other consumer appliances. Handling these electronic wastes requires specialized knowledge because they are dangerous a lot of times. Communities can find many charitable trusts that handle these types of garbage. They allow redistribution of old gadgets and even auctioning them as refurbished goods. If an electronic device is no longer, the best choice is to recycle each part individually.

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