February 8, 2021

How to Choose Your Dumpster Rental Size

There is a multitude of reasons to rent a dumpster. Whether it is for home renovation, for a big cleanout or decluttering, for a commercial project, and any other reason – when you have more than you can easily remove and/or fit in your trash can, you probably need help with disposal. Dumpster rental sizes are based on cubic feet and what can be contained in that amount of cubic feet. This is not something the average person can easily determine with a simple glance or mathematical equation. But, determining the right size of your dumpster rental does not have to be overwhelming – below we have some helpful guidelines to follow when choosing your dumpster rental size.

How to Choose Your Dumpster Rental Size

  • Work with an experienced dumpster rental company. A reliable company will be able to assess over the phone or with pictures the approximate size of the dumpster that you will need.
  • Smaller dumpster sizes are good for small residential projects and are typically able to hold things like the debris from a single room renovation (for example: it may be able to hold everything from a bathroom renovation or patio/concrete demolition).
  • When in doubt, strongly consider going up by one size just in case your project gets bigger than you expected. If you don’t fill it from your project, you can always use the extra space to dispose of a few other items you may need to get rid of from somewhere else in the house.
  • A medium-sized dumpster is ideal for large room renovations such as a kitchen, patio renovations, or large landscaping projects, flooring renovations, roof renovations, etc.
  • Large dumpsters are ideal for large residential and commercial renovation projects or cleanouts.
  • Keep in mind that dumpsters cannot be overfull or too heavy based on their various sizes so factor that into your decision.

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