August 3, 2022

Call a Junk Removal Company to Properly Dispose of Cardboard Boxes

When you have to throw out a lot of boxes you need to go about it the right way. Cardboard isn’t regular trash, and regular recycling methods could create problems. Professional help with cardboard box removal is the best way to properly dispose of unwanted boxes.

Recycle Correctly

Leaving large boxes out with your other recyclables could cause them to sustain water damage and turn into a pile of cardboard mush. Also, leaving them on the street or overstuffing a bin may not be compliant with local rules, and it can subject property owners to fines. Likewise, condo and apartment building residents need to be mindful about their buildings’ trash disposal policies.

Don’t Worry About Breaking Down Boxes

It may be possible to recycle small boxes by breaking them down, but flattening large shipping boxes isn’t always practical. Trying to flatten boxes can be physically demanding and create risks of injury.

Ripping cardboard is potentially hazardous, and abrasions from cardboard tend to cause acute inflammation. Scheduling cardboard box removal spares you from having to take on bulky boxes with a knife or boxcutter, and you won’t have to deal with taking out sharp staples in thick packaging.

The easiest way to handle getting rid of boxes is totally stress-free. Contact Junk Rescue to arrange for prompt and professional removal of unwanted boxes.

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