July 22, 2020

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Remove Your Spa or Hot Tub By Yourself

When people install a spa or hot tub, they likely never think of the day they may want to remove, but as with any other appliance, hot tubs age and require replacement. However, while a replacement is a simple concept, a spa removal is not, and it is most definitely not a DIY project for the average homeowner. There are at least three reasons you should never try to remove your spa or hot tube by yourself.

1. Electrical Components

The first thing you need to consider before the removal of a hot tub is the electrical components of the tub and its heating elements. Electricity and water do not mix, so any attempt at preemptive removal is dangerous without the appropriate wiring knowledge. You need to shut off the power supply to the tub before dismantling the skirt or any of the parts.

2. Gas Connections

Many spas and hot tubs have gas connections to improve the heating efficiency of the appliance. If you do not know whether your spa is gas or electric, then it is necessary to call a professional to remove and dispose of the tub. Gas connections that are not properly shut off and severed can cause significant problems for not only you but your neighbors as well.

3. Weight and Safety

Most spa units are heavy and require a team to dismantle and maneuver. While you can break the unit apart, that can result in sharp debris, which can present a safety risk. The safest action is to hire a professional junk removal company to dispose of the item safely.

Removing and disposing of a hot tub or spa is a grueling and involved process. The typical homeowner may want to avoid such a task because of the risk of injury and property damage. If you have a hot tub or spa that you need removed, make it easy on yourself and contact a removal expert.

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