February 14, 2017

The Journey of Junk: What happens when we recycle

Here at Junk Rescue, we’re committed to practicing safe trash removal, starting with making sure all the items we pick up are properly recycled. Our goal is to create as little waste as possible we donate any usable items to local families and organizations and make sure everything else makes it to the right recycling facility. You might be surprised what can become of your old appliances, furniture, and yard waste. Take a peek below at some of the everyday products made from the junk we recycle.

1. Asphalt. When we haul away your old tires, that rubber may just end up right outside your front door someday. “Crumb rubber” is an important ingredient in asphalt, and is one of the many helpful products made from old tire rubber. Other products made from recycled rubber include rubber bands and engine belts.

2. Automobiles . Did you know that you can recycle a washing machine? Yep, even the bulky appliances living in your house can serve a greater purpose after you’re done with them. What becomes of those old washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves? Once these appliances are safely taken apart, they’re taken to scrap metal dealers, where they are processed and used to make any number of things, from soda cans to cars.

3. Laptops and cellphones . Just like with metal appliances, plastic we haul away is taken to the appropriate recycling facility. Once processed, recycled plastics are used in the making of everyday electronics, including your laptop and cell phone. Why recycle plastic? Every one ton of recycled plastic saves 30 cubic yards of landfill space and 48,000 gallons of water.

4. Mulch. Here’s yet another reason to get rid of that wooden playground set that hasn’t been touched in 15 years: Any organic or yard waste taken from your home can be processed at a green recycling center and turned into mulch!

If you’re not sure what household items of yours can or can’t be recycled, we’re happy to help. Knowing that your old stuff is going on to serve a greater purpose after you’re done with it makes it all the easier to get rid of your junk.

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