October 11, 2021

Have Your Drywall Professionally Demolished & Removed

When you undertake a renovation that involves demolishing and removing drywall you want the job done right and safely. Whether you need to demolish and dispose of a small or large amount of drywall, the process tends to be very messy, time-consuming, and can even be dangerous. Drywall demolition must be complete before your renovation can progress so it tends to be a time-sensitive project. Many people underestimate how time-consuming it can be for a novice or even a somewhat experienced DIYer without the proper tools, knowledge, experience, and physical capabilities to get the job done quickly, the first time.

Drywall demolition tends to be very messy and can be dangerous to breathe in the particles. Additionally, cleaning up, disposing, and hauling away drywall debris and other construction debris is no simple task – but the longer it takes, the more your project’s next phase will be delayed. Don’t just start swinging a sledgehammer! There are city and state regulations to which you must adhere and you need a plan to ensure you can safely demolish and dispose of your unwanted drywall which may include needing a dumpster rental or dumpster bag rental, depending on the size of your project.

Disposing of drywall should and can be done without damaging the rest of your structure that is remaining intact and it can be done in an eco-friendly way. Depending on the age of your home and how it was constructed, there could be hazardous materials in your drywall and insulation, including asbestos, so it is important to understand the hazards of drywall demolition before you undertake the project.  A professional service will be able to determine how to safely, effectively, and efficiently demolish your drywall and dispose of it – saving you time, protecting your health, and keeping your project on schedule!

How to remove drywall?

Drywall consists of gypsum panels and are used for walls and ceilings. It is also known as sheet rocks or wallboards in some areas. People use construction material for their home because of its cost-effective benefit. However, in the event of wall damage or renovation projects, they might have to remove their drywall surfaces. This task requires care and precision to safely remove drywall. However, most homeowners lack the skills and knowledge to perform this task with the required efficiency. Their best choice is to hire an experienced removal service to deal with this hassle. Professionals are equipped with the right tools and resources to demolish drywall surfaces easily and remove them from the premise. They also follow all safety precautions to minimize dust particles and debris. Here are the steps followed by them for this work.

Find utilities

The most important thing to follow is removing all HVAC, plumbing, and electrical outlets from the wall. These wires should be safely removed and connected to a new location during renovations. Technicians will use stud finders to identify any pipes or electrical fixtures in the wall.


Next, the room requires some level of preparation. This step is crucial for large projects or warehouses. First, remove furniture from that room and cover any large furniture with drape cloths. Technicians will also use plastic sheeting for better protection. Then, use a putty knife to remove any unwanted nails.


The next step involves removing moulding from the drywall. Technicians use utility knives for this task and work on one surface at a time. They may even use a pry bar or other prying tools to remove baseboards that are interrupting the drywall surface.


In some projects, a small section of the drywall needs to be removed for patching or repair works. Hence measure the exact section of drywall to be removed and mark the dimensions. Use a oscillating saw with circular blades to get deep cuts ideal for removing that exact surface area. Once fully completed, pry the surface loose with prying tools.

Make holes

Use a utility knife to the cut the joint compounds of a wall and make it easier for removal. As with the previous steps, use prybars to loosen the wall. Professionals may even use claws to loosen the drywall surface near the ceiling. Once finished, use dry vacuums to remove dust and debris from the site.

Finishing steps

Magnetic ball stud finders are an excellent tool to remove the entire wall surface without any damage. Use garbage bags or disposable containers to collect the loose debris. Make sure to clean the areas as well.

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