August 13, 2021

Get Rid of that Old Grill!

Grilling is a favorite pastime but the type of grill you are using can make all the difference in ease-of-use and even the flavor of the food. When you are ready to upgrade your grill there is usually one thing that stands between you and your new grill and that is getting rid of that old grill.  Whether you have a built-in grill or a freestanding grill, they are bulky, heavy and where and how do you even dispose of them?  The best and easiest way to get rid of any type of unwanted grill is to have a professional do heavy lifting for you.

With built-in grills, the task is obviously more complicated because it may require either delicate removal to try to seamlessly replace it with a new grill, or it may require complete demolition of the entire built-in grill setup. Or, you may need a professional to come remove, haul away and dispose of your freestanding grill. A reliable and experienced professional should be able to handle any of your grill removal needs while being considerate of your landscaping and cleaning up after themselves.  Old propane tanks will also need to be safely removed and disposed of in accordance with local guidelines and restrictions. Stop staring at the eyesore or storing that perfect home for critters in your backyard – let a professional make the job easy and painless with professional grill removal.

How to clean old grills?

 Grilling can be exciting. It provides a way to spend weekends and entertain guests. However, food particles and cooking oils may accumulate on the grill parts over time. It could develop into stubborn stains when not cleaned regularly. People should work with bristles brushes and cleaning tools to wipe down all metal parts.

After use

Once the food is cooking on grill, charcoal ash gathers at the bottom. People should clean their grill after every cooking session. Make sure to control the temperature, as it increases fire risks. Use folding papers to clean grates with oil. It is essential to use special cleaners to prevent any rust buildup on the grills.

Cleaning the grates is easier. People can long-handled brushes to remove rust and food spills. Start by removing the heat deflectors on the burners. Wash them with dish soap and water mixture. Once finished, use paper towels to clean the surface by removing excessive water and soap.

The flat tops require the most cleaning. It holds the food in place and heats them. People should use spray cleaning solutions with balanced chemicals. Remove any stuck debris and foods with wire brushes. Wipe down the flat surface with a dry cloth until water is removed.

The ingredients break down the grates. Hence, it will be the dirtiest part of the grill. Especially in old grills, this part needs extensive cleaning. Make sure to heat the grates and burn off any remaining debris. This process will also make it easier to clean the grates with metal bristles.

What cleaning equipment is needed?

 People can shop for grill cleaning tools from local hardware stores. They can find dozens of equipment from these stores. One should avoid using toxic chemicals as they could lead to rust and corrosion. They can also use a grease-cutting dish soap made of white vinegar and baking soda. When a piece of grilling equipment has steel exteriors, metal cleaners are essential to restore sheen. Shop for a few disposable sponges and cotton rages for after the cleaning process. They can also use regular white vinegar with optimal levels of acid.

How to remove old grills?

First, remove the propane task before dismantling grilling equipment. Empty the gas tank and turn down the knob. Next, remove the grill lights from the frame. The safest way to remove propane tanks is through higher professional removal services. They are experienced in handling hazardous gas tanks. Once removed, dispose of the proper tank in exchange programs. There are local codes that one should follow while disposing empty tanks. They cannot store it under their home’s porch or shed. Caster wheels should also be removed and placed with recyclable items. If grill equipment contains any ignition wires and batteries, make sure to drop them off in e-waste platforms. As always, check the local community guidelines and find out the regulations in that area. Next, remove the grill lids and side shelves from the equipment. Removal services will help homeowners in this process.

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