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    Phoenix Washer & Dryer Removal

    Getting a new washing machine and a new dryer can be very exciting. What isn’t exciting, is the removal and disposal of your old washer and dryer. These machines are heavy, awkward and are often connected to worn plumbing and electrical making it very difficult and concerning to take these out on your own.

    Washing machines wear out. Dryers require more energy to operate the older that they get.

    Look for these signs:

    • Your dryer is taking much longer to dry your clothes than it used to.
    • Your washer is making odd noises such as humming, buzzing or rattling.
    • You are noticing water leaks.
    • You smell a faint “burning smell” coming from your washer or dryer.
    • You continue to pay for extensive repairs or you want to avoid having to pay to have your machines fixed knowing that something else is bound to wear out soon.

    If you experience any of the above, it may be time to replace your washer and dryer.

    It may also be the case that before you purchase new machines you want to haul your old ones out so that you can clean the floor underneath (that you have not seen in years) or you may wish to completely makeover your laundry room by painting the walls or completely replacing your flooring. To properly do this requires the removal of your washer and dryer. This way you can work in the room unencumbered.

    Modern washing machines and dryers are quite different now than what they were when you bought your last set. They are now much more energy efficient, saving money on your water and electrical bills while cleaning better.

    And speaking of efficiency, no junk company in Arizona is more efficient in the proper removal and disposal of your washer, dryer or any of your household appliances. Your old machines can be reused or disassembled and recycled. Appliances that are in good condition can be taken to donation centers and used for charity. Machines that are broken or in need or major repairs can have recyclable materials. The professionals at Junk Rescue are environmentally responsible and will make sure to haul your items to the proper facility. Proudly serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek and all the surrounding communities we will come to rescue your junk so call us today or schedule a pick up here. 

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    Our Trucks have a maximum capacity of approximately 480 cubic feet which would be considered a Full Load or comparable to what 6 pick up trucks can fit. Use the chart below to see examples of all the different truck sizes we offer.


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    1/4 load

    3ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


    1/2 load

    6ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


    Full load

    12ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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