October 5, 2021

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Demo

Remodeling your kitchen is a big undertaking, especially if your remodel involves demolishing existing cabinets to make way for new cabinets. Creating your dream kitchen means getting rid of those old cabinets but removing them is not exactly an easy task. Before you pick up the sledgehammer and take out all your aggression on those unwanted cabinets, it is important to know the right way to remove kitchen cabinets and dispose of them so that you do not cause any damage to your home’s structure or injure yourself – both of which could easily happen if you do not do your research first.

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Demo

  • Don’t take a sledgehammer to your cabinets!
    • While this may seem like the easiest way to get rid of those old cabinets, it is not the safest for your or your walls. Additionally, if your cabinets are in decent shape, they can be recycled which is far more eco-friendly than destroying them.
  • Demoing and disposing of old cabinets requires tools and strength for safety.
    • You will likely need a ladder, drill or screwdrivers, pry bar, hammer, goggles, and more to remove your old cabinets. If you are going to recycle or donate your cabinets, you will want to work carefully to not cause additional damage to your cabinets during removal.
  • Remove the doors, drawers, shelves, and trim.
    • Before you can take your old kitchen cabinets down you will need to remove doors, drawers, and shelves for safety and because it will make removing the frame easier because your cabinets will weigh much less. Additionally, when removing the frame, it is easier to access the frame’s attachment to the wall and remove it without the trim getting in the way. And, the trim will need to come down anyway so now is the time!
  • Recruit help or place supports before removing upper cabinets.
    • The last thing you want is to start unscrewing or prying your cabinet frames off the wall only to have them come crashing down part of the way through the project. You need to place supports or have someone help hold the cabinets to support them while you remove their attachment to the wall.
  • Disposing your cabinets takes space, strength, and knowledge.
    • Once your cabinets are down, you will need some place to dispose of the materials or store the frames before transporting them for recycling or donation. A dumpster rental is a great option for either disposal or storage. But, if you really want to make your life easier, maximize safety, and get the job done right, hire a professional team to demolish and haul away your kitchen cabinets for you.

How to plan a kitchen cabinet demolition?

When homeowners are tackling kitchen demolition for the first time, they should know several ways they can prepare for this project. A simplified approach will take the stress out of the works and makes its even more efficient. Moreover, people need a understanding of the steps involved, materials needed, and essential supplies to keep the demolition effective and organized. It would also reduce the expenses by keeping everything within the intended budget.

Empty cabinets

First, remove all items from the kitchen cabinets and store them in small cardboard boxes. Once the drawers are completely empty, label each box and keep them separate from the other contents. It is also essential to store them in an easily accessible location during the renovation works.

Floor preparation

Once the cabinets are cleared out of the way, people can focus on their floors now. Protective floor covering are effective for such needs since they can protect them from scratches or other damages. Moreover, use plastic tapes to keep the sheet in its place for the entirety of this project.

Garbage planning

As the name suggests, demolition tends produce a lot of wastes. A lot in this context includes debris and material residues. A well-planned garbage hauling is necessary to avoid the hassle of dealing with junks. Make sure to hire sizable dumpsters to properly remove garbage from the site.

Recruit professionals

Kitchen cabinet demolitions requires more than one or two members. It is best to hire experienced professionals with the right skills and resources. They also follow proper safety precautions to avoid any personal injury or property damage. Hiring professionals is good for the overall budget too.

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