December 8, 2021

Tile Demolition and Removal

Have you ever removed or watched someone remove old tile? If you have, you know exactly how hard, messy, and exhausting it is. Tile removal is one of the most physically demanding parts of demolition when renovating a home. And, it tends to make a tremendous mess. Without the proper experience, tools, and knowledge, at best a homeowner will make a huge dusty mess in their home and at worst they could seriously injure themselves or cause damage to their home. Needless to say, tile demolition and removal are best left to the professionals.

Tile removal is particularly difficult because individual tiles are glued down to the subfloor beneath. This means they have to be pried up – something that usually requires some muscle to achieve. Tile rarely comes up in one piece so you will have to deal with shards of tile everywhere along with dust and debris. And, once all of the tiles have been removed, all remaining glue must be scraped from the floor before new flooring can be installed.

Professionals, on the other hand, have the tools and experience to efficiently and effectively remove tile. In fact, if any tile can be salvaged, your tile demolition and removal service will save it and recycle it by taking it to a second-hand home improvement store or charitable organization to reduce the overuse of landfills and be more eco-friendly. Further, a junk removal service understands the importance of dust control and will do everything possible to minimize and contain dust. Don’t waste your time and energy with such a difficult task, hire professionals to do the job for you and keep your renovation project on schedule.

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