January 18, 2021

Things to Consider When Determining Truck Load Size for Junk Removal

When you are hiring a company to come pick up your unwanted items and junk, it can be hard to determine just what size truck you need to ensure you have enough room to fit everything. Every company has different trucks with different capacities. For example, at Junk Rescue AZ, our trucks have a maximum capacity of approximately 480 cubic feet. But, do you really have any idea what you can fit in 480 cubic feet? Probably not. 480 cubic feet is comparable two at six pick up trucks can fit. Most companies will not require you to fill an entire track, but may bill based on things like whether you have a single item, 1/4 truckload, 1/2 truckload, or full truckload. Below, we offer some helpful tips to guide you when determining what your load size is for junk removal.

  • 1/4 truckload is roughly comparable to the amounts of items that you could fit in a small pickup truck.
  • 1/2 truckload can hold 240 cubic feet which is more than a standard truck can handle.
  • A full truck load is optimal for when you decide to do a bigger clean out of something like that garage or your home. Depending on the size of your property and the amount of items you have, a full truckload can hold all of the items from something like construction debris cleanup or entire garage clean out.
  • The weight of your items should not influence the cost of your haul away fees.
  • Your junk removal company should do everything they can too efficient leave half the space which maximizes how much you can haul away at one time. But, this should never be it at the sacrifice of your items if they need to be protected from damage.

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