May 19, 2020

Take Back Your Yard by Removing That Spa!

Having a backyard spa is fine for some people, but it can take up some valuable real estate in your yard. Maybe you’re moving and want to take it with you, or perhaps it just doesn’t get used as much as it once did, but either way that hot tub has got to go. Here are a few quick tips that can make this daunting task a little easier.

1. Find the Instructions

While they are certainly useful for putting everything together, the factory-provided instructions are also the best tool to help you take your spa apart. Following it backward you can easily see how things fit together and it will allow you to disassemble the unit without much guesswork.

If you’ve inherited the tub when purchasing your home and the previous owners weren’t diligent in keeping manuals handy, companies usually have copies available for downloads on their website. Even if you’re keeping your spa for a while, having access to the instructions can be a lifesaver for unlocking features you didn’t even know it had!

2. Sparks and Water

If you’re planning on demolishing the spa totally, don’t set those instructions aside when you grab your hammer! There are still electrical and plumbing connections that you may inadvertently destroy during the breakdown. Make sure you turn off the power and water too so you’ll avoid as many mishaps as possible.

3. Hauling It Away

Once you’ve got everything apart, the disassembled spa is going to need a ride off of your property. While you may be able to hoist into the back of a pickup yourself, it’s hardly an ideal scenario. Your best bet is to hire professionals to come and take it off your hands. After all, you did all of the hard work taking it apart!

While a spa may be nice to have, once it’s out of your hair you’ll be left with either an open deck or much more room in your yard. Now’s the time to let your creativity run wild and figure out the best way to utilize your newfound space!

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