July 28, 2017

Why you need to call the experts

Are you suddenly (or finally) motivated to clean up your backyard?  Are you tired of looking outside and seeing all of the mess from past projects deteriorating away under the Arizona sun?  Don’t try to do it yourself.  We recommend that you bring in the experts at Junk Rescue.  When you call Junk Rescue we will actually come into your backyard and  haul it away!  If you try to call your local waste management company you will have to haul it to your front curb and there are potentially many dangers lurking underneath that pile.

You likely already know about rattlesnakes and scorpions frequently seen in all parts of the valley.  But did you know that Arizona is home to thirteen different species of rattlesnakes which is more than in any other US State? If that isn’t enough to make you think twice about picking up that piece of junk in your back yard consider these 10 other “creatures” to look out for:

  • Gila Monster – the only venomous lizard native to the Southwestern United States.
  • Africanized Bees – They can make their homes in cracks of your retaining wall a tree or wood structure.
  • Bark Scorpion – Most common in Arizona can cause severe medical problems if stung. You will find them in wood, brick, stone, mulch or tree bark.
  • They are nocturnal but be careful if you are picking something up that has been sitting in your yard for some time.
  • Arizona Coral Snake – Its venom is actually two to three times more potent than a rattlesnake.
  • Tarantula – Tarantulas uses its large fangs to inflict a bite.
  • Centipede – Centipedes and Millipedes are often found in damp places. Like wood or debris next to a watered area. A bite from a Centipede can be quite painful.
  • Brown Spider – There are eleven recluse spiders in the United States and Arizona has five of them. Brown spiders have 6 eyes arranged in 3 pairs and their bite can produce necrosis (tissue death).
  • Black Widow – The female black widow is considered the most venomous spider in North America and Arizona is full of them.
  • Sonoran Desert Toad – These toads are poisonous. They have glands that produce poison and have been a known cause of many dog deaths every year.
  • Blister Beetle – Its defense is an excretion of an irritant that causes blistering much like poison ivy or poison oak.

Hopefully that is enough to convince you to leave your next backyard cleanup to the professionals at Junk Rescue.  We have the training and the necessary equipment to deal with nature’s “surprises” that may be living in your outdoor area.  Items like:

  • Trash
  • Wood piles
  • Playground Equipment
  • Outdoor Sheds
  • Paver or stone material piles

These pictures were taken from a job that Junk Rescue performed in Cave Creek this Spring.  The owner was glad they called us.  You need to call us as well for your backyard cleanup and junk removal!

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