July 20, 2021

Should You Rent a Dumpster Bag?

If you’ve been doing some cleaning, organizing, decluttering, or small home projects, you probably have some junk and debris to get rid of. The amount you need to dispose may be larger than your garbage can manage and when that happens, the next option would be to rent something for disposal. While in the past you were limited to a dumpster, there are now dumpster bags which are a convenient and cost-effective option.

Why Choose Dumpster Bags?

Dumpster bags are an excellent solution for cleaning up small projects because there is no set rental period.  You can take your time with your project without worrying about a deadline and then simply call to have it picked up once you are done.  This convenient option saves space and eliminates the need for you to haul away and dispose of your junk – all the heavy lifting is done for you!

What Can Dumpster Bags Hold?

When you need a flexible option, dumpster bags are ideal.  They are sturdy enough to hold a variety of junk but easy and flexible enough to fold and store in a closet, garage, or shed until you need it. Dumpster bags are ideal for small to medium size projects including the removal of household junk, a garage clean up, a backyard cleanup or project, light demo debris, and more.

Choosing between dumpster bags or rentals?

Both dumpsters and rentals are containers that can dispose various debris. People can purchase bags from nearby home improvement stores or online vendors. For dumpsters, they can rent from waste hauling companies.

Choosing between these two options depends on many factors. For instance, individuals can make choice based on the amount of waste they need to dispose. Other than this, there are other factors to consider.


Every renovation has a budget. in that sense, people should consider the price of each waste removal option. The price ranges from $345-$505, depends on the size of bags. Both of them also unique pricing structure, so people should conduct research in advance to make an informed decision. As for the rental cost, the average dumpster cost $450. There are several factors that goes into this price. Some vendors even offer a flat price based on the weight, delivery, and pickup expenses. Services could even consider local taxes and disposal fees.


If people are considering rental dumpsters, then they need to call nearby hauling services. individuals must find suitable companies with online research. One way of checking their credentials is asking a quota. Professionals will walk them through the project to gauge a price. They even evaluate the type of debris and container size needed for a project. After this step, homeowners get details about the delivery date of their dumpster bags. They get deliveries from any location via online shopping. Once these bags are filled with debris and waste materials, they should call the local hauling companies for pickup.


It is essential to place the dumpster bags within 18 feet of the pavement for collection. Therefore, the placement options are limited and it could prove to be a daunting task. Houses with no tree lawns cannot place their disposable bags on the streets. In some states, one should get a permit from local authorities first. Additionally, renovation job sites can place their dumpster bags in driveways. Due to these complications, one must learn the exact placement instructions from professionals during the rental process. This step helps to avoid the risk of impending fines or penalties.


People should consider the time they have to complete the project. If they are cleaning out a site over the span of few weeks. Most dumpster bags come with a ten-day rental period. If this time period is extended, they should pay a pre-determined extension fees for waste removal options. Most importantly, make sure to complete the dumpster rental timeline because travel times vary from one project to another. When wrong choices are made, it could affect hours of productivity time. Another factor that affects time is the space available to store dumpster bags until pickups. The specifically-designed bags can accommodate more debris in a confined space.

How to choose the right option

By this point, homeowners will have a better idea of all waste container options. They should evaluate the alternatives and measure the available space for a project. Then, get comprehensive details on size options, delivery time, and price of each bag to make an informed decision.

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