Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerator Removal and Hauling

Let us do all the heavy lifting and take care of that old refrigerator!

Only $85

Are you in the process of upgrading to a new refrigerator and not sure how to properly dispose of your old one?  If you have ever tried to even move your fridge slightly, you know how difficult it can be. You don’t want to try and dispose of it yourself. Not when for only $85 Junk Rescue of Arizona will come into your home and haul it away for you. No need to worry about how to properly disconnect the water and electrical – we do it all for you!

Refrigerator Types

Top Freezer – This is the most common design where the freezer is located at the top of the refrigerator.

Bottom Freezer – The feature for the bottom freezer is that it makes it easier to reach food items without having to bend over. Bottom Freezers can come in both double doors also often referred to as “French Doors” or as a single door.

Side-by-side – As the name implies, a side by side features the freezer and refrigerator door placed next to each other.  These units are designed to accommodate larger plates and platters and it makes both frozen items and perishable items easy to reach.

Built-in – These units are constructed to blend into the kitchen décor often featuring custom cabinetry on the door.  Built ins typically do not offer the depth of a standard freestanding unit.

Compact – Compact refrigerators are made to fit into smaller areas such as underneath counters or into places with limited room. These units are often perfect for offices, break rooms, home bards or dorm rooms.

Whatever the type of unit you have, Junk Rescue makes refrigerator removal quick, painless and affordable.  We remove free standing freezers as well! All for the low price of $85.

Refrigerator Recycling

It is important to take the proper steps in disposing of a refrigerator or freezer because they may contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the environment.  Many major appliances have electrical and chemical components.  Some units the were built prior to 1990 typically contain a Freon called R-12 which is exceptionally toxic and can contribute to depleting the ozone layer.  The experts at Junk Rescue know the types of units and where to take them so that they can be properly recycled or disposed of.

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