January 4, 2021

Safely Remove Junk from Your Rental Property

Property management involves wearing a lot of proverbial hats.  And, while property managers can certainly excel in all the various aspects of their job, there are certain things that are better left to trained professionals, such as junk removal.  Yes, while junk removal may not sound particularly complex, it should only be done by someone who is experienced in safely and efficiently removing, hauling, and disposing of junk at your property sites.

Often, when a tenant moves out they may leave behind clutter, furniture, o other odds and ends. Nobody wants to clean someone else’s junk up.  And, some of the stuff may be large and heavy – not exactly something one property manager can handle on their own safely.  When this is the case, it is best to outsource this particular aspect of property management and let someone else dispose of the junk.

Whether you are cleaning out a home, apartment, office, or other commercial property, a professional junk removal service can handle the job.  Regardless of the property size, junk removal companies are experienced in efficiently removing heavy and bulky items, as well as any other things that may have been left behind.  And, responsible junk removal companies will have three methods of junk removal: dispose of, donate, recycle.

Many items from residential and commercial rentals such as furniture, electronics, appliances, clothing, and more can (and should) be donated or recycled rather than simply disposed of.  And, certain items must be safely and correctly disposed of which the average property manager may not know. When you work with a company like Junk Rescue, your property will be cleaned up and ready for the next tenant in no-time.

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Junk Rescue