August 17, 2021

Safe & Easy Swing Set Removal

Swing sets are a great addition to a backyard and a lot of fun to have. That is until they are not being used, are broken, or your kids have outgrown them, then they are just an eyesore. The average homeowner does not have the tools, knowledge, physical capabilities, or necessary equipment to safely disassemble a swing set, haul it away, and dispose of it (or move it to a new location). If you want to save and simply relocate a swing set, careful disassembly is important so that reassemble is easier and you aren’t missing any crucial pieces. But either way, it is a very physical task with many heavy large pieces and complicated pieces that require special tools. For these reasons, it is often the best choice to hire a professional to remove and dispose of your swing set for you.

With a reliable and trustworthy professional removal service, all labor will be handled for you, including cleanup and haul away, so that you don’t have to lift a finger. And, professional services generally try to be eco-friendly and will recycle any or all equipment if possible or, at a minimum, ethically dispose of it according to local guidelines and regulations. If your swing set is still in good shape you get the added joy of knowing it will go to good use for some other child! De-clutter your yard of an old eye-sore and safety hazard and enjoy the ease of the process with professional swing set removal.

How to remove swing sets?

People need the right tools and resources to properly remove swing sets from their backyard. Even though the swing set is corroded and damaged, it may prove difficult to disassemble completely. Therefore, it requires following a set of removal steps.


First, people need to plan their swing set removal process. Visualize every single detail and evaluate the necessary steps that need to be taken. Most importantly, check whether it is needed to remove rotten wood logs from the ground. It is essential to contact a landfill company and arrange for a drop-off.


Before starting to work on the frame, remove additional accessories. These extra pieces may prove quite inconvenient, especially for first-timers. Then, unscrew the slide from the primary deck. After this step, remove the swings from the framework using ladders. Next, people can dismantle roof accessories and take apart the entire structure.

Swing beams

Use the ladder to remove brackets and screws that help to place swing beams. One should avoid accidentally leaning on the swing beam for support, as it could break apart and result in personal injuries. Once unscrewed, the entire framework will fall to the ground.


The next issue to tackle is taking apart the swing set deck. These solid parts can prove to be a serious challenge because of the loose railings and walls. Depending on the level of corrosion, one can even saw through the posts.


Swings sets will contain some heavy parts that should be removed before it collapses. Once all the screws are removed, the entire deck will become more manageable. It is one of the most labor-intensive works in this process. Therefore, makes sure to seek assistance from professional removal technicians.

Take apart

Once all the steps are completed, the swing set frame is the only part left. This final piece takes the longest amount of time. The level of difficulty will depend on the size of the playground equipment. As always, rotten wood sets are much easier to remove.

How to find a removable company?


First, search for swing set removable companies that are located nearby. Homeowners need services that can reach them within an hour or two. Once the geographical area is located, compare all prices and options before making a final decision.

Write on paper

At this point, people will have five or six companies to choose from. Think carefully before narrowing down the list. Write down the requirements of a removal project on paper. Make sure they provide cleanup services after removing the swing set from the playground.


For better comparison, read reviews about removal companies from different sources. Look for customers comments that are positive and honest. It is an excellent way to decide between two services. People should avoid working with companies with many negative reviews and disciplinary actions.

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