Kitchen Cabinet Demolition and Removal in Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix Kitchen Cabinet Demolition and Removal

There are few things more exciting than a remodel of your kitchen.  Whether you are removing old kitchen cabinets to install new ones, or completely demolishing the room for a home renovation, kitchen cabinet demolition and removal is no simple task.  To remove them effectively, quickly, and safely, you must be able to pry the cabinets off the wall which likely involves climbing on ladders and trying to maintain stability while prying those heavy cabinets off the wall.  Once you have those heavy cabinets off the wall, you have to take them out to a truck or trailer, load them up, and then haul them away – quite the labor-intensive process.

At Junk Rescue, our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and insured experts can safely and quickly demolish your kitchen cabinets so that you do not have to!  If you have ever demolished kitchen cabinets, you know it can be a messy process with drywall dust and other dirt and debris generated.  We will keep your job site clean and tidy and then haul away any of the cabinetry and debris so you do not have to! At Junk Rescue, our trustworthy local team makes kitchen cabinet demolish and removal easy for you!

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