July 27, 2023

How To Remove a Hot Tub

1. Turn off the power from the main electrical panel.
Turn off the power from the main electrical panel to ensure safety during the hot tub or jacuzzi removal process.

2. Remove the exterior panels
Carefully remove the exterior panels, making way for the subsequent steps of the dismantling process.

3. Cut and cap the electrical line
Next, cut and cap the electrical line properly to avoid any electrical hazards before proceeding further.

4. Remove the frame
Once the electrical line is secured, proceed to remove the frame of the hot tub or jacuzzi, disassembling it for easier removal.

5. Cut the jacuzzi in half
To facilitate efficient transportation, carefully cut the hot tub or jacuzzi in half, making it more manageable for removal.

6. Clean up and haul off
Finally, after the dismantling is complete, our team will thoroughly clean up the site, leaving no traces behind, and haul off all the debris responsibly and professionally.

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