June 15, 2021

Hire Us to Remove Your Cardboard Boxes

Perhaps you have just moved into a new home or completed a big home project with new furnishings. You are completely ready to settle into your beautiful house, but there are cardboard boxes everywhere. They are getting in the way of your family completely relaxing — It can be pretty difficult to relax when you are still surrounded by cardboard boxes with nowhere to put them.

At first, you probably want to attempt to remove and get rid of all of your cardboard boxes on your own, but this takes time and space. You will have to collect and pile all of your carboard, and then attempt to find a way to dispose of them all. Your pile of cardboard boxes is too much for a routine garbage pick-up day. If your garbage disposal service will take your pile, they probably already came by for the week, you will have to wait close to a week for your pile of boxes to be removed. Many HOA boards will not allow you to keep a pile of cardboard by the road for a week; So, you would have to keep it in your house.

If you choose to haul the cardboard boxes yourself, it will take an automobile with the space and capability such as a truck. Plus, it will take the time and energy to load the boxes, find a junk yard which will take them, and drive your cardboard boxes there.

So, instead of worrying about all of the logistics of getting rid of your cardboard boxes before being able to settle into and enjoy your new or remodeled home, hire us to take care of it all for you! Junk Rescue will take care of all your cardboard clutter by hauling and loading it all into one of our trucks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the environmental waste of throwing away so many cardboard boxes because our removal service will take them to a recycling center!

Avoid another stress caused by clutter and hire Junk Rescue to remove your cardboard boxes.

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Junk Rescue