July 13, 2021

Hire a Hot Tub Removal Service

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a warm and bubbling hot tub? Hot tubs make a great addition to your yard, that is, until they break or you no longer want them. Then they are a big ugly eyesore. Disassembling and removing a hot tub is no easy task, so it is best for homeowners to hire a hot tub removal service to get the job done.

There are any steps involved in taking apart a hot tub or above ground spa including draining it, terminating electrical connections, and then removing the spa, shell, and cabinet. If there is water that needs to be drained, it will have to be pumped out and disposed of.  Once everything is disassembled, you also have to be able to get the tub out of your backyard which can mean navigating narrow gates or even having to go over a wall if there is not enough space which would be a challenging task for any homeowner.

Additionally, if you have any sort of spa surround including brick, block, steel studs, etc., it is likely that you will need that to be demolished and removed.  All of this requires extensive knowledge and experience, as well as special tools and the ability to lift and haul away heavy objects.  For this reason, and more, it is easiest and safest to have an experienced spa removal company do the removal for you.

How to know its time to change a tub

For many homeowners, hot tubs provide a therapeutic escape from their hectic life. They can relax in their bath and get relief from aching joints. Since it is such an important part of any household, hot tubs need to replaced promptly. And individuals should know the signs that their fixture needs a replacement.

Mold and mildew

The moisture and dark crevices of a tub proves to be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These deposits look terrible on a bathroom piece and hurst the entire value of a property. Most importantly, mildew poses serious health risks, as it causes rashes and allergies. Hence, make sure to check regularly for mold and mildew signs in a tub and replace it as quickly as possible.


Dealing with leaks is never an easy task. Moreover, leakage causes increased growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, hot tub leaks are a serious trouble that homeowners should fix on time. Most leaks are obvious to notice; there will be small puddles of water near the fixture. Others could be challenging to detect, so conduct a drain test by noticing the water level for a few hours to prompt a replacement.


Most normal stains are cleaned with routine maintenance. But serious stains, one that are hard to remove indicate the need for replacement. These sediments carry a host of bacteria and germs that are harmful to the human system. They could even cause serious nervous system issues. Most importantly, they affect the overall look for a bathroom.


In some cases, usability could also prompt the need for replacement. For instance, people may notice that they don’t fit in their hot tub like before. The space will be too short for their legs or too narrow for their body. Either way, it is best to replace an old tub with a new and spacious one for more comfortable baths.

How can I find a professional service?


The most basic thing to look for a company is whether they offer a tub removal service. Some hauling companies help with scraps and metals, but they wont handle porcelain and other fragile materials. Therefore, it is essential to check this factor beforehand to avoid any troubles afterward.


Removing and replacing a old tub is an extensive task that requires loads of experience. Inexperienced workers could get themselves injures or damage other components in a bathroom. Hence, make sure to hire experienced professionals to handle the projects. In addition. Evaluate their track record in working under similar conditions.


A definite indicator of credibility is licensing. Homeowners should avoid working with companies who hesitate or refuse to validate their licensing credentials. Trustworthy professionals will proudly display their qualifications and keep their clients informed with all the necessary details. One can find information about licensing in a company’s website.


Professional hauling services will evaluate a site and provide estimates. Get bids from multiple providers and choose the reasonable one to save money in the long run.

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