Commercial Junk Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Junk Rescue can help you get all that junk out of your commercial space.

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    Phoenix Commercial Junk Removal

    Get the Junk Out of Your Commercial Space

    When you move out of a commercial space, you may find yourself wondering what you are going to do with all the unwanted items. Maybe you are moving to a new office or renovating and need to clear out. In either case, Junk Rescue can help you get all that junk out of your commercial space.

    Commercial Junk Removal for Businesses

    It is sometimes surprising how much junk a business can generate. Any team working in a space for a while will tend to create some junk. You may want to just refresh your workplace by clearing out the clutter. Regardless of why you need commercial junk removal, we are here to help. We can haul away furniture, electronics, unwanted possession and more.

    Junk Removal for Property Managers

    If you manage a commercial property, a tenant may leave behind possession in a space. Perhaps you need to refit an area for a new business coming in. Call Junk Rescue to get rid of all those unwanted items. We can often schedule a pickup within 24 hours.

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    Contact Junk Rescue to learn more about our commercial junk removal services. When you are ready to take on the clutter, schedule a pickup online or over the phone. It’s time to say goodbye to all that junk in your commercial space.

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    Our Trucks have a maximum capacity of approximately 480 cubic feet which would be considered a Full Load or comparable to what 6 pick up trucks can fit. Use the chart below to see examples of all the different truck sizes we offer.


    single items

    *Starting at $95


    1/4 load

    3ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


    1/2 load

    6ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


    Full load

    12ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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