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Phoenix Bins & Dumpster Rentals

Taking on a residential or commercial construction project?  If so, you need a bin or dumpster (or multiple) for demolition and collection of construction waste.  But, how big of a bin or dumpster do you need?  How will you get it to your property?  And, who will haul it away when all is said and done and it is filled to the brim?  Don’t take on this task alone when you could hire local professionals like Junk Rescue to provide you with the appropriately sized bin or dumpster you need.

At Junk Rescue, we know that staying on track with a construction timeline is very important.  We will get you the bin or dumpster you need – when you need it!  Our reliable team of insured professionals will ensure your bin or dumpster is delivered on time.  Nothing is worse than a filled dumpster sitting on your property and becoming an eyesore for longer than necessary.  We know that and will be there to pick up and haul away your dumpster when you need us, providing you the best possible bin and dumpster rental services available!

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Our Trucks have a maximum capacity of approximately 480 cubic feet which would be considered a Full Load or comparable to what 6 pick up trucks can fit. Use the chart below to see examples of all the different truck sizes we offer.


single items

*Starting at $95


1/4 load

3ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


1/2 load

6ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall


Full load

12ft long x 8ft wide x 5ft tall

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